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From “The Bishop of Battle” to Repo Man: the Bus Journey of an 1980s Film Punk

I recently picked up Scream Factory’s 2015 blu-ray release of Nightmares (1983), a low-budget urban legends/horror omnibus in the vein of Creepshow (1982) and Cat’s Eye (1985)—the latter of which my brother loved. I’ve been watching and re-watching “The Bishop … Continue reading

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A Re-Possessed Aesthetic

As I wrote about previously, Bryan Mathers has been working on some designs for a couple of elements of the Reclaim Hosting site. In particular, a visual for the Migrations page as well as one for the various shared hosting packages we … Continue reading

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“Not Many People Gotta Code to Live By Anymore”

Amen, Harry Dean! All this talk of coding or being coded is besides the point, when push comes to shove most people simply need a code. I come back to Repo Man (1984) a lot when I am thinking about Reclaim Hosting‘s code. … Continue reading

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The Duke’s Song of the Selfie

Today’s Daily Create asks you to “Do a Duke Selfie” referring to the most iconic figure of U.S. Westerns: John Wayne. Love him or hate, he has been part of so many of the greatest films of this genre that it’s … Continue reading

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The Afterglow of Kilobyte Age Art

I came across the keynote presentation Bruce Sterling delivered at the transmediale conference wherein he discusses the afterglow of internet rubbish that is the basis of some of the most interesting digital art of our moment. His talk ranged far … Continue reading

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Harry Dean Stanton’s Repo Code

Harry Dean Stanton is without question one of my favorite character actors, if not my favorite. He has been in a number of great movies with some amazing roles—I’m thinking Cool Hand Luke, Alien, Escape from New York, Pretty in … Continue reading

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