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“If they don’t learn, kill ’em”

Martin Weller has been making the parallel between movie stars and edubloggers, and while some folks have commented with the usual concerns about thinking through blogging in terms of stardom and fame—more of the self-effacing edtech pandering that drives me … Continue reading

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Bad Boys (1983)

I liked Sean Penn in Fast Times a Ridgemont High, Jeff Spicoli was possibly one of the single most beloved and influential film characters of the 80s. But it wasn’t until seeing him in Bad Boys that I became a … Continue reading

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At Close Range: Daddy, Daddy, give me something

One from the archives for all you fathers out there today. A scene taken from the 1986 classic At Close Range, starring the great Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, and the sorely missed Chris Penn (his death in 2006 hit me … Continue reading

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