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Horror of the 80s: Step-Parents

Now let me be clear about this before I get started, the horror of step-parents is by no means particular to the 1980s. If one thinks about it for a bit, other examples throughout the Western canon of literature and … Continue reading

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“If they don’t learn, kill ’em”

Martin Weller has been making the parallel between movie stars and edubloggers, and while some folks have commented with the usual concerns about thinking through blogging in terms of stardom and fame—more of the self-effacing edtech pandering that drives me … Continue reading

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What religion you profess, preacher?

Fifteen seconds into this clip comes one of my favorite lines from one of the best films of the last century, Night of the Hunter (1955). The other eight and half minutes is just a bonus 🙂 BEN HARPER: “What … Continue reading

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