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A 21st century teaching conceit

Last month TorrentFreak had an article about Professor John Stinchcombe of the University of Toronto explaining how he uses the concept behind bitTorrent to explain DNA sequencing. You can see the slide below (which even includes an image the Pirate … Continue reading

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Finally, US has a copyright czar

This newly minted law which calls for the creation of a ‘Copyright Czar,’ (“an unconstitutional violation of Separation of Powers”) is exactly what we have been waiting for, is it not? Just more charity on the part of the US … Continue reading

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Textbook Torrents Closes

TorrentFreak’s at it again (my new, favorite EduBlog) and this time an article by Enigmax, Textbook Torrents has closed shop just three months after it found itself in the spotlight thanks in part to Jeffrey Young’s Chronicle article “Textbook Piracy … Continue reading

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The fighting Banana Slugs take on the RIAA

TorrentFreak’s Ben Jones reports that UC Santa Cruz has decided to fight the RIAA’s  lawsuits aimed at their students by throwing a wrench in their methods: Santa Cruz (UCSC) has put a spanner in the procedural works of the RIAA … Continue reading

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FUD Campus Piracy

photo credit: Invisible Hour With questions looming about our post-modern malaise despite increased connectivity, the hyped hive mind, ever greater access to resources online, we still often find ourselves paralyzed agents in the undertow of information. With such realizations at … Continue reading

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Technologies of control

photo credit: fatbwoy Lest we forget technology is as much about control as it is innovation, check out this article on TorrentFreak about the state sponsored trojans used to tap Skype calls. The other side of the Gothic and horrific … Continue reading

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