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A 21st century teaching conceit

Last month TorrentFreak had an article about Professor John Stinchcombe of the University of Toronto explaining how he uses the concept behind bitTorrent to explain DNA sequencing. You can see the slide below (which even includes an image the Pirate … Continue reading

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Technologies of control

photo credit: fatbwoy Lest we forget technology is as much about control as it is innovation, check out this article on TorrentFreak about the state sponsored trojans used to tap Skype calls. The other side of the Gothic and horrific … Continue reading

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P4P: Universities as techno-corporate thinktanks?

I’m a fan of TorrentFreak, it’s one of those rare blogs that streams interesting news on a very specific subject and openly acknowledges its biases while providing the reader with a ton of information to fend for themselves. In fact, … Continue reading

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Harun Farocki on the Desgin of Control

My UBUWEB rss subscription is the feed that keeps on giving. I scan it regularly, and indulge in watching a work by a filmmaker I haven’t heard of before irregularly. This time Harun Farocki’s video/documentary I Thought I was Seeing … Continue reading

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