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Aldous Huxley on freedom, communism, technology, and the pharmacological revolution

Cliph Nesteroff’s blog Classic Television Showbiz is one of the great filters for YouTube on the web. He consistently puts up a ton of great clips of all sorts of gems from the golden age of television. Recently he linked … Continue reading

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Filmfax, my connection to another world

As much as I love the internet, I have to be frank, it has never really come close to the magic that is reading the b-movie rag that is Filmfax. I may be wrong here (but I’m not), there is … Continue reading

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Star Wars “Good Guys”

Here is a wild moment in film/TV history via the ever entertaining Classic Television Showbiz blog. The two video clips below are from a 1977 episode of “The Mike Douglas Show,” featuring interviews with Star Wars cast members Carrie Fisher, … Continue reading

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And now a word from our sponsors…

Produced in 1973 [by Richard Serra and Carlota Ray Schoolman], “Television Delivers People” is a seminal work in the now well-established critique of popular media as an instrument of social control that asserts itself subtly on the populace through “entertainments,” … Continue reading

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Salvador Dalì­ on “What’s My Line?”

If you ever had any question just how awesome Salvador Dalì­ was, then this clip from the 1950s game show “What’s My Line?” should quell any lingering doubts. Found on Jack Turner’s Thought Bucket.

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The Brady Bunch: Peter “erupts”

Does anyone remember this clip from the Brady Bunch? If so, do you remember it in the same way now?

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