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ds106: Ranting about Remix

ds106 class on remix 4-5-12 from umwnewmedia on Vimeo. I had problems with the live stream of class this evening—the Mac machine we run the Wirecast setup we stream from refused to boot—so as a backup Daniel Zimmerman was kind … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of the big bad #sopa?

…I am! And in the latest episode of DTLT Today Boone and Wally Gorges lay out a pretty compelling case why anyone doing anything related to open education online in higher education should be too. Boone and Wally brilliantly talked … Continue reading

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Zombies and Pirates: Let’s begin

Gratuitous audio: Download Sell My Soul When I started talking about the Zombies and Pirates course I was thinking along the lines of a syllabus, a series of texts, a schedule, and a unifying theme. In some ways a traditional … Continue reading

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Pirates, Zombies, and P2P….Oh My!

I’ve had an idea brewing for a little while, and I think I might finally try and act on it.  I have missed the classroom a bit recently, but not so much the physical space and grading and all that.  … Continue reading

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RIAA: Three strikes and you’re without

I’ve been following the RIAA’s recent announcements that it will no longer be suing individuals, but rather working with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to enforce a “three strikes your without” campaign. As David Kravets notes on here: The RIAA has … Continue reading

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The RIAA Hates Education! (Which means they hate you and your whole family)

If you haven’t heard, the RIAA recently accused Joel Tenenbaum, a graduate student at Boston University, of downloading seven copyrighted songs when he was a teenager. Such extortion notices aren’t necessarily novel, but what is unique is that Tenenbaum decided to … Continue reading

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Finally, US has a copyright czar

This newly minted law which calls for the creation of a ‘Copyright Czar,’ (“an unconstitutional violation of Separation of Powers”) is exactly what we have been waiting for, is it not? Just more charity on the part of the US … Continue reading

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P4P: Universities as techno-corporate thinktanks?

I’m a fan of TorrentFreak, it’s one of those rare blogs that streams interesting news on a very specific subject and openly acknowledges its biases while providing the reader with a ton of information to fend for themselves. In fact, … Continue reading

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The Pirate’s Dilemma

Tom Woodward turned me on to this fascinating keynote presentation by pirate radio DJ Matt Mason, author of The Pirate’s Dilemma, at The Medici Summit on March 3rd 2008. It resonated on several levels about issues that have been circulating … Continue reading

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