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Bava moves to Kinsta, story at 11

It’s been surreal here in Northern Italy, and the last thing the world needs right now is another hot take on the Corona Virus or teaching online in the age of pandemics. My turn over the least 10 years has … Continue reading

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Kinsta: Container-based WordPress Hosting

One of the benefits of doing migrations for Reclaim Hosting internauts is getting to see how different hosting companies operate. Many use cPanel which is familiar territory for us at Reclaim, but ever so often you come across some pretty … Continue reading

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Thinking about Mentorship

As this last day or two might suggest, I have finally started to settle in after a few weeks of travel. It’s not only been busy on the Reclaim Hosting front, per usual, but the intensity around Reclaim Arcade is … Continue reading

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Migrating WordPress without Access to Database or Core Files

One of the things I have been doing a lot of at Reclaim Hosting these days while the US sleeps is migrating accounts. We have a steady flow of fine folks moving to Reclaim, and one of the things we … Continue reading

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Back to the Fundamentals of the Web

The Reclaim Hosting team is gearing up for the OER20 Conference happening in London on April 1st and 2nd (Corona Virus allowing). As part of our proposed sponsorship of the conference this year we wanted to run an in-depth, hands-on … Continue reading

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Intentional Learning at Reclaim Hosting: Back to the bava Basics or, Blogging about WordPress

A blog title so long it might as well be a tweet….but it’s not, it’s a god-damned BLOG! I’M BLOGGING, HOLD ALL MY CALLS!!! Feel the burn, THE BLOG BURN!  So, I got that out of the way, but it … Continue reading

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Fall Reclaim Roadshow at Trinity College

Interest in the Reclaim Roadshow seems to be building as we just had to close the registration for the coming Roadshow at Bryn Mawr in May as we’ve run out of seats. This is the first time we’ve sold out … Continue reading

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Thank God for Mental Illness

While I could talk at length about long travel stints away from home and mental illness, I’ll spare you those details. Rather, the misleading title of this post refers to Reclaim Hosting‘s latest shared hosting server named after the 1990s … Continue reading

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Reclaim Roadshow Headed for Philly in May

It seems like just yesterday we were in Los Angeles with an awesome crew of folks talking all things Domains, but time flies when you are reclaiming the web one site at a time! We are really excited to announce … Continue reading

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Migration Policy Update: No Free Lunch, Hippies!

NB: A cross-posted policy update for migrations at Reclaim Hosting. Image credit: Hippies de Valdivia (Chile) In an effort to make our support as sustainable as possible we will only provide free migrations for students and faculty that move to … Continue reading

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