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Tim Owens: Making it Happen

There’s an article by Lindley Estes in yesterday’s Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg’s local newspaper) about UMW’s makerspaces. It chronicles the work  Tim Owens has done, alongside education professor George Meadows and library director Rosemary Arneson, to create UMW’s Thinklab—a makerspace in the … Continue reading

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Domain of One’s Own is ALL BUSINESS

Somehow I missed the fact that this article about Domain of One’s Own published in University Business has already been out for a week. I’m slipping. I love that the article was published in an IT management-centered publication. IT management … Continue reading

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Digital Scholars Institute

One of the more exciting things to grow out of the Domain of One’s Own Faculty Initiative—the second cohort starts this week!—is Mary Kayler’s beautiful brainchild the Digital Scholars Institute. The Digital Scholars Institue is a way to continue the … Continue reading

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Technical Vistas: Flat Files and APIs

It’s been an exciting time at DTLT for a bunch of reasons, not least of which is that the Domain of One’s Own project, much like the Death Star, has been fully operational for more than a semester now. We’ve … Continue reading

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Student Coded Projects for DTLT

This semester students in Karen Anewalt’s Software Engineering course (CPSC 430) will be working with DTLT to create a series of WordPress plugins/themes for UMW Blogs and Domain of One’s Own. This is pretty awesome because we could always use … Continue reading

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The Academic GIF

I wrote several months ago about the experience of working alongside UMW’s Chinese History scholar Sue Fernsebner to start imagining how she might integrate animated GIFs into a curriculum centered around film analysis. I tongue-and-cheek referred to it as GIFiculum, or GIF … Continue reading

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Andreá Livi Smith Teaches, Learns, and Lives By Design

DTLT Today: Episode 109 – Andreá Livi Smith from Jim Groom on Vimeo. It’s finals week and everyone is slammed for time right now on campus, but Historic Preservation professor Andreá Livi Smith was still generous enough to sit with … Continue reading

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Open, Public Educational Publishing Platforms #4life

On Monday I checked in on the traffic stats for UMW Blogs, something I do from time-to-time when the semester starts to slow (the fact this didn’t happen until week 14 is telling). I was pleasantly surprised to see that … Continue reading

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Distinguished Adjunct Professor

I admit the title of this post is a bit tongue and cheek and might potentially trivialize the larger crisis in higher ed surrounding adjuncts. That said, adjuncting has been an integral part of my experience at UMW over the … Continue reading

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All Aboard!!!

More than a week ago the President of UMW, Rick Hurley, published a piece in The Huffington Post explainging how and why UMW was “Getting Aboard the Hightech Train.” What’s crazier than anything, is why it’s taken me over a week … Continue reading

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