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Wiki Embed: Telling the True Crime Story

In my last post I talked about how excited I am that students are building a resource using the true crime wiki as part of the course Paul Bond and I are teaching this semester. I wanted to use this … Continue reading

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When Plugins Go Rogue

I logged into UMW Blogs yesterday only to find this garrish header advertisement in my dashboard panel: What the hell is this? Advertisement? On UMW Blogs! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! And so forth. I posted on Twitter to get see … Continue reading

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Cookies for Comments: another Spam Solution for UMW Blogs

Given I still haven’t got the error for TypePad AntiSpam fixed on UMW Blogs, but after a recommendation from the WordPress forum legend @andre_r I installed the spam fighting plugin Cookies for Comments, and so far I am blown away … Continue reading

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YouTube Favorites, and some thoughts about aggregation

It’s been a long while since I played with WordPress plugins on the bava. But tonight I was thinking that if CogDog is right, and just about everything we share through various networks can be thought of as blogging, than … Continue reading

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Testing Wiki Append plugin

I have previously had problems getting the WIki Append plugin to work on this blog, but I think that is no longer the case. Am I right? If it works, the following article is a multi-media project students in Mara … Continue reading

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Playing with WPTouch

So, I am a little late to the mobile revolution (and frankly I still think it’s ridiculously over-hyped for education), but I finally got an iPod Touch through work in order to test out the interface of WordPress on a … Continue reading

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A Useful Plugin: ShowID for Post/Page/Category/Tag/Comment plugin

I find myself in every recent version of WP (and WPMu) searching for the ID numbers for various pages, posts, categories, and/or tags on a number of occasions. I’m not sure when this feature got dropped from the core, but … Continue reading

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An Obituary for a Plugin: Saying goodbye to an old friend

Update (2/25/10): Actually BDPRSS still works and we are still using it on UMW Blogs. My bad. It’s kind of funny, but I’m starting to realize that I have been so embedded within the UMW Blogs experience for the last … Continue reading

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NextGen Gallery

[singlepic id=3 w=200  mode=web20 float=right]I have been envying Lafayette College’s NextGen Gallery goodness in their WPMu Pilot, and after finally setting aside some time I installed the plugin and played with it (you can find it  here).  It worked pretty … Continue reading

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CUNY Academic Commons Announces WPMu-MediaWiki Single Sign-on

I missed this announcement last Thursday while traveling and getting ready for CUNY WordCampEd, but this is pretty exciting news from the CUNY Academic Commons, which promises to become a force in offering up much needed plugins and open source … Continue reading

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