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A Useful Plugin: ShowID for Post/Page/Category/Tag/Comment plugin

I find myself in every recent version of WP (and WPMu) searching for the ID numbers for various pages, posts, categories, and/or tags on a number of occasions. I’m not sure when this feature got dropped from the core, but … Continue reading

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Approximating the Syndication Bus with WordPress.com

Michael Willits (do you have a blog I can link to yet, and why aren’t you blogging this?) sent me an email last week about some of the very cool work Danielle Stern is doing with her Gender Communication courses … Continue reading

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Building the Syndication Bus: Plugin Ingredients

While at Duke, UVA, and more recently the University de Mayaguez—I’ll post about that event as soon as I finish traveling—the most common question people had for me was how can they design/build the “Syndication Bus” for WPMu. Well, this … Continue reading

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This ain’t yo mama’s e-portfolio, part 3

So, to pick up on parts 1 and 2, part 3 is an examination of some of the uses and possibilities of feed-driven architecture for dealing with the varying ways we might understand a portfolio, which—as Stephen Downes notes here—is … Continue reading

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Multiple Domains on WPMu: Mission Accomplished!

Well, I hate to quote our fearless leader out of turn, but unlike him I really was successful! I had blogged earlier this semester about the potential possibilities available to UMW if we were to pursue mapping multiple domains to … Continue reading

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The Era of a One-Click WordPress

We have been talking for a while about how easy the installation of WordPress (and many other apps) is made by the one-click magic of script installers like Fantastico. However, this didn’t solve the problem of uploading themes and plugins … Continue reading

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