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Talking Domains All Semester Long

One of the many cool things Cathy Derecki did while at UMW was create EagleEye, a weekly faculty and staff online newsletter about what’s happening in the community. The site runs in the umw.edu in WordPress on our umw.edu install, … Continue reading

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Yesterday I took a tour of the nearly completed Information Technology Convergence Center (a.k.a, ITCC and the Convergence Center). The building will be opening mid-Summer, which is hard to believe. I’ve been at UMW long enough now that I can say “I remember almost eight years … Continue reading

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Reclaim the Handout

Ryan Brazell shared the prep work he did last week framing UMW’s various digital projects for the AAC&U Diversity, Learning, and Student Success conference in Chicago. Just yesterday he presented alongside Tim Owens and Mary Kayler on UMW Domains, the Online Learning … Continue reading

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Since I wrote a post last month about agile edtech, I’ve been thinking and talking with Tim Owens a fair amount about what a virtualized sandbox for DTLT (through something like Amazon Web Services) might look like. What would it … Continue reading

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DTLT Today Episode 111: Jon Pineda’s Open Doors

This episode of DTLT Today features UMW Creative Writing professor Jon Pineda. It’s Jon’s first year at UMW, but that didn’t stop him from jumping into the Domain of One’s Own fray with both feet. He’s been experimenting with domains … Continue reading

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DTLT Today Episode 110: Sue Fernsebner’s Digital History

In this episode of DTLT Today, Ryan Brazell and I sit down with History professor Sue Fernsebner to talk about the vast array of awesome projects she’s been working on over the last year. The work we discuss includes, but is … Continue reading

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UMW Domains-Now with More Community!

Domain of One’s Own has been an unqualified success, and Martha’s post on this project provides a nice summary of where we are at six months in. We’re on track to have more than 700 folks in the UMW community with … Continue reading

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Tim Owens: Making it Happen

There’s an article by Lindley Estes in yesterday’s Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg’s local newspaper) about UMW’s makerspaces. It chronicles the work  Tim Owens has done, alongside education professor George Meadows and library director Rosemary Arneson, to create UMW’s Thinklab—a makerspace in the … Continue reading

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Domain of One’s Own is ALL BUSINESS

Somehow I missed the fact that this article about Domain of One’s Own published in University Business has already been out for a week. I’m slipping. I love that the article was published in an IT management-centered publication. IT management … Continue reading

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Digital Scholars Institute

One of the more exciting things to grow out of the Domain of One’s Own Faculty Initiative—the second cohort starts this week!—is Mary Kayler’s beautiful brainchild the Digital Scholars Institute. The Digital Scholars Institue is a way to continue the … Continue reading

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