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An inventory of preliminary effects

Wow, I sat down for a good two hours this afternoon while the chilluns were asleep and made my way through the first part of Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage, and I have to say that just about … Continue reading

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The Last American Pirate

Image Credit: “It be a Pirate Flag” by Nick Humphries Update: Turns out this site was a hoax, there is no student, but rather a cadre of students who set about creating a fake student, who wrote a fake blog, … Continue reading

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Am I wrong? AM I WRONG?!

I have recently posted about a WordPress education email list I joined and was pretty excited about. Well, less than two weeks later I am a bit confused by what exactly Automattic is thinking with this list. It’s moderated by … Continue reading

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WordPress Education Mailing List

Matt Mullenweg linked to a new Automattic mailing list that is focused on using WordPress in Education. I signed up for it, making it the first mailing list I’ve joined willingly since the CUNY Grad Center list-serv many moons ago. … Continue reading

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Whither Fair Use?

“Fair Use” Photo by Lawgeek I have been unable to get Henry Jenkins’s post “Why Universities Shouldn’t Create “Something like YouTube” (Part One)” out of my head for the last two weeks. I keep on returning to his candid and … Continue reading

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What is an instructional technologist?

Yesterday I was asked by a good friend and mentor the following question: “What’s next?” And it made me stop and think, I guess since I don’t have a Ph.D. and I’m in “IT” I should be thinking about an … Continue reading

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