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Red Sorghum: the Sedan of Ecstatic Liberation

The celebrated tossing-the-bridal-sedan sequence could superficially be taken as a scene of vulnerable woman at the mercy of lusty men. Yet the womb-like interior of the sedan, the condition of the Freudian ‘oceanic self’ where she floats as an effect … Continue reading

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Unclogging the bava

There have been some plumbing issues on the bava as of late 🙂 Thanks to Tom Woodward for these GIF infomericals which builds on Michael Branson Smith’s homegrown collection and reminds me of what Brian Lamb said in our GIF … Continue reading

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How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the GIF

Before I say anything else, just take a moment to see how brilliant Andrew Forgrave is at GIFFing, his recent commentary on the Animated GIF Variety Show Tom Woodward, Michael Branson Smith, Brian Lamb, Zack Dowell, and I presented last … Continue reading

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My GIFs Just Ain’t What They Used to Be

I recently wrote about all the GIFs I’ve made over the last two years, but something I forgot to mention is how much the quality of the GIFs I’ve made lately suck. I had a pretty solid workflow in which … Continue reading

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