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What Was Known

I have been working away at some of my end of the year archiving projects, and one that has been taking more time then I planned has been my various attempts to migrate and archive Known to WordPress. I started … Continue reading

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Migrating Known

I have a migrated a couple of Known installations at Reclaim Hosting over the last week or so. While doing them I ran into some issues and want there to be some documentation for us at Reclaim—and beyond—in the event other folks have similar … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Community at BYU with Known

We’ve been really lucky at Reclaim Hosting over the last year two years to have had the good fortune of working with the good folks at Emory University, University of Oklahoma, CSU Channel Islands, and Davidson College. These four schools have believed … Continue reading

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Becoming Well Known

It was cool to see Ben Werdmuller’s and Erin Jo Richey‘s Indieweb application Known featured in this recent Wired article. They’ve been red hot lately, with an appearance last week on an episode of “This Week in Google” dedicated to the IndieWeb. The attention is justified, … Continue reading

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Visions of Known

A year and a half ago now, I caught up with Audrey Watters and Kin Lane at the Reclaim Open Hackathon at MIT. I’m still working off the fumes of that weekend, and to be fair a few subsequent meetings … Continue reading

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Pushing the Known Syndication Hub Beyond RSS

Born of the brainstorming conversation Tim Owens and I had on our way to Oklahoma last month, the push-based syndication hub using with Known for Wire106 has come to pass. It’s pretty exciting, and it marks a welcome departure from the hacky hacking that has … Continue reading

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Teaching Without WordPress: Exploring the Known World

During our trip to Norman, Oklahoma to visit a bunch of tuned in and turned on Sooners (more on that trip soon) Tim and I were excitedly talking about our time in LA at the Reclaim Your Domain hackathon. One of the … Continue reading

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