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What does bava mean?

Shelley recently asked me a simple question, “What does bava mean?” It’s a fair question and I thought it might actually be helpful to spell it out a bit for my customers readers dear friends. Well, there are many meanings … Continue reading

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I heard the news today, oh boy…

Image courtesy of eggman. Coney Island’s Astroland has officially closed this past Sunday, September 7th, 2008, after 46 years of operation. Seems it has been bought up by a developer for $30 million, and the times they are a changing … Continue reading

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The Glass Bees

With my no-internet, hippie-like vacation to Montauk behind me now, I can return to the bava and continue the excruciating futility that is my life online. I enjoyed the time away because I was able to do something I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Who said nothing good never came from Jersey?

The above flier represents yet another beautiful day (back in the day) at the BAMCinématek. Tell me you don’t have the utmost respect for this outfit now that you know that The Toxic Avenger series got their well-deserved due. But … Continue reading

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Ubuntu graffiti on Brooklyn Bridge

Is this a sign for me that it’s time to jump ship? I know some other folks have begun the move, is it time to leave behind the hideous chic of MAC OS X once and for all? Image by … Continue reading

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Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2007

Images courtesy of acordova I saw a link on digg.com this morning for the results of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, a particularly intense competition this year which was televised on ESPN. Now it goes without saying that … Continue reading

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bavarchive: creating learning resources on Flickr

Some of my most treasured “possessions” are the film programs I have collected from innumerable film outings over the years. I have a modest collection of stuff spread across several boxes in my attic, and I do love to steal … Continue reading

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Keira, when in NYC you must “Shoot the Freak”!

This one is for you, Keira McPhee! Image courtesy of Default Punk OK, Keira is going to NYC in the next few days and she sent a request for recommendations of places to go, eat, see, etc. via twitter. Man, … Continue reading

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Freddy’s Bar, Donald O’Finn, and Underground Video Art

One of the many, many things I miss about Brooklyn is Freddy’s Bar. This storied speak easy represents the best combination of dive bar and underground cultural mecca. Unfortunately, Freddy’s very existence is currently being threatened by Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic … Continue reading

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