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The Allure of Mastodon

Since November I’ve been toying around with Mastodon on Reclaim Cloud. At first it was to take up the gauntlet thrown, and see if I could create a space for the ds106 community. I did a bunch of work for … Continue reading

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Notes from the Early Web Underground

I appreciated Jon Udell‘s tweet the other day tracking a quarter century of making websites. In fact, it oddly coincided with the final stretch of my re-watching of The Sopranos —a lockdown past time turned obsession. It’s 25 years this … Continue reading

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Domains 17 Interview with Jon Udell: “Digital Polarization and a Web of Evidence”

Last Friday the Domains 17 conference committee interviewed Jon Udell live on ds106rad.io in anticipation of his presentation at the conference in June. (Still haven’t registered? Here’s the link!) If you have read the bava for any amount of time, it will … Continue reading

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Nexa Stop, Torino

Palazzo Madama at dusk, Torino Bad accents based on terrible cross-cultural puns are the best blog titles ever, right? Don’t answer that. Last week at this time I was heading back from a two-day sojourn to Torino. I was invited … Continue reading

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Reclaim Your Hypothesis

I wanted to point folks to Jeremy Dean’s excellent post “An Annotated Domain of One’s Own” that details getting up and  running with the web annotation tool Hypothesis on a  self-hosted WordPress site. Now I’ll admit it, it didn’t hurt that … Continue reading

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Diverse Literacies and Thinking Like the Web

I caught Friday’s Connected Courses webinar with Gardner Campbell, Howard Rheingold, and Jon Udell discussing the idea of Thinking Like the Web. This was a must-see for me because so much of the work I’ve been part of over the last five years (ds106, UMW Domains, and … Continue reading

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Has the Time Arrived for Hosted Lifebits?

I’m a big fan of Kin Lane‘s for many reasons: he’s west coast cool, he’s passionate about what he believes in, he’s a technical wizard, and he wraps that all up with some intense creativity and vision. What one might … Continue reading

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A Problem of Coherence

Almost two weeks ago (is it really two weeks already?) I attended the Domain Incubator at Emory Unviersity wherein we had a focused discussion about several of the possibilities and issues surrounding Domain of One’s Own. As a quick aside, … Continue reading

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Two Digital Divides

We have yet to begin to consolidate the opportunities that have opened up for in the last decade of the internet, in terms of the most basic stuff. Jon Udell ended his 2007 “The Disruptive Nature of Technology” presentation discussing … Continue reading

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ds106: It’s All About the Trailing Edge

I recommend you go read Jon Udell’s post “MOOCs need to be user innovation toolkits” in its entirety, but I want to reproduce almost half of that post below because it nicely captures an approach to educational technology many of … Continue reading

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