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It Came from the bava Archive, Volume 1

Back in September I installed the On This Day plugin to start trying to review and clean-up the bava archive on a more regular basis. With almost 4,000 posts, this blog has accumulated a lot of jettisoned media and broken … Continue reading

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The Sisyphean Labor of Link Love

I woke up this morning to a Twitter exchange between Alan Levine and Ken Bauer about creating a plugin that points dead links on a blog to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine: I might need a WordPress plugin than converts … Continue reading

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Organizational Linkrot

I’ve been going through the paces of trying to keep the bava in relatively good shape, and one of the things I forgot was a few random audio and video files that were outside the standard WPMS blogs.dir upload folder. … Continue reading

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Getting Schooled in Roots of Animation

Loving Stuart Blackton's "Enchanted Drawing" from 1906. Getting schooled in roots of animation http://t.co/UiIeo4hPzD #ds106 — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) March 22, 2014 Yesterday afternoon I attended Mary Washicon, a miniature convention, complete with panels, cosplay, and Artist Alley. I got to … Continue reading

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Brewster on Bitcoin

In this four-minute video over at Forbes (forgive their ad, they know not what they do), Brewster Kahle talks about some of the experiments the Internet Archive has been doing around Bitcoin for the last couple of years. He has … Continue reading

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Zombie Labor

It may come as no surprise that I am fascinated by the privileged position zombies have come to occupy in our cultural imagination recently. And while this surge may be related to our penchant for endless war as this article … Continue reading

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I <3 Consumerism

Well, I have been sucked into the UMW Blogs vortex. The first week or so just thrills me to no end, people start coming out of the woodwork, and I have fun commenting, reading, and getting a sense of what’s … Continue reading

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Mashups, Italian Style!

Well, Antonella Dalla Torre’s Italian 202 class had its first annual La Mattina degli Oscar (The Morning of the Oscars), and it was quite a special event. Good food, everyone well-dressed, and the culture was first rate, now that’s Italian! … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead, take 3

Finally, the last and mashed installation of my Dawn of the Dead (1978) series which took far more technical and creative energy than I originally imagined. The idea behind this experiment was simple: create three commentaries upon the social/political sub-themes … Continue reading

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Alien Pizza, a preliminary mashup

I just came across this beautiful, nutty video mashup on Sean Comerford’s blog titled “Alien Pizza.” Sean was in Carole Garmon’s Video Art seminar last semester and did some pretty amazing videos. This semester he is taking Italian 202 with … Continue reading

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