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Explore Hope

This comes from the not perfect department. I had problems making the background of my minimalist travel poster design assignment cleanly mesh with the text I covered up and the new text I added. The background is not one consistent … Continue reading

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Nighthawks (1981)

I love movies that feature New York City during the late 70s and early 80s, they capture a space on celluloid that I want to constantly remind myself existed once upon a time. And after watching The Hitcher a little … Continue reading

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YouTube experimenting with copyright?

After uploading the final speech from First Blood to YouTube, I was immediately delivered a copyright notice from Google and Lionsgate. Here is what it looks like: Click for larger version you can view in its entirety. To quote: Lionsgate … Continue reading

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First Blood “Nothing is over!”

Just watched First Blood (1982) for the first time in many years in preparation for an upcoming conference presentation. I have to admit I’m not sure if Stallone’s final speech is the greatest acting I’ve ever seen, or the worst. … Continue reading

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