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Completely Unreliable Assholes

I don’t know why, but I love that someone took the time to isolate this 3 second clip of Scatman Crothers speaking truth to power in The Shining. And if you’re not into the whole brevity thing and you feel … Continue reading

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Origin Stories and Making the Myths at Reclaim

Lauren ran an awesome episode of Reclaim Today yesterday (I’m not biased!) wherein Tim, Lauren, and I did a live, streaming discussion about the “History of Reclaim Hosting.” It may a bit early for the Reclaim biopic to be picked … Continue reading

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Outdoor Smell

I had a pretty weird email from the Fredericksburg Alert system yesterday, and timed bizarrely while en route to Fredericksburg. The subject was “Outdoor Smell,” and the email read as follows: This is a notification from the City of Fredericksburg: … Continue reading

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Bava Mountain High

I was tickled when I read Adam Croom’s recent post about his trip to Trento this Summer. When someone visits the gorgeous country of Italy, it is no small feat when their visit ranks as a highlight. Entertaining so many … Continue reading

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Whoowns or Whoowens?

One of the cPanel scripts I’ve found really useful as of late is the whoowns script that let’s you know which account owns a specific domain. Let me provide a quick scenario.  You have an issue with a domain and … Continue reading

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Samson Would Have Laughed

Over a week ago Adam Croom reached out to Tim and I to help him make a game for Keegan Long-Wheeler, who is presently convalescing from brain surgery. We were asked to create a short video of us responding to … Continue reading

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Upton Sinclair would have Laughed

I follow the Bitninja blog because we use this service as an external firewall at Reclaim Hosting, and they are pretty awesome. We run it on all of our shared hosting servers, and many of our bigger schools, and it … Continue reading

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A Week into 2018/365

I’ve been watching Alan and D’Arcy do the 365 photo challenge for more than a decade now, which struck me when I read that fact. I envied the push, but without a phone until two years ago, the idea of … Continue reading

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Come and Play with Us, Danny Revisited

In 2010, a six year old Miles discovered the creepy twins from The Shining in a Northern Virginia pizza joint. Almost 7 years later the twins have returned in the form a custom-made Shining t-shirt Antonella bought for me on my … Continue reading

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Reaction Time is a Factor

I was playing with our video camera earlier this summer showing Miles how to use the tripod, shoot with various lenses, framing, etc. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s always fun to play with video. Anyway, for some reason I decided to … Continue reading

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