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If you stare at it long enough…

…the truth becomes clear. Blame Tom Woodward, seems he’s become a bit more playful since sharing the news he’s coming back to higher ed. And nothing makes me happier to that, here’ to greatness Woodward, this GIF is a good … Continue reading

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A Thing is Born: the Multi-GIF Shot

Michael Branson Smith’s born GIF is nothing short of brilliant. I have seen multi-shot GIFs, but I have never seen a multi-gif shot. Is this a new Thing, so to speak 🙂 I love this so much, and he has … Continue reading

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Domain of One’s Own Poster, now Riffed with Animation!

Riffing off yesterday’s awesome Domain of One’s Own poster by Michael Branson Smith, ds106 alum Shannon Swanson animates it. Shannon, you are #4life!

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Help me Obi Wan Gifobi

You can’t keep a good GIF assignment down 🙂 This rendition of the “Dancing Jim All Over the World” was inspired by Michael Branson Smith’s “Molly Rocks the Force” (which is pure magic!). And, given my last post, I imagine it’s another … Continue reading

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The Great Wall of bava

I’ve got about 10 posts to write on uwmdomains faculty initiative, ds106zone, the bava film festival starting this Tuesday, and much, much more. But the family from Long Island has descended on Fredericksburg, and I am losing ground every moment … Continue reading

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All Moocs and No Play

I couldn’t help but post this GIF, it is the single best commentary on MOOCs I have seen yet! Michael Branson Smith is a GIF master!

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Animated GIF Workshop for Chinese Cinema

Andy Rush and I did an animated GIF workshop for professor Sue Fernsebner‘s Chinese History through Film course last Wednesday, and I think we both agreed walking out of the session that it might have been the most fun we’ve … Continue reading

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At least it’s an ethos

I had an idea for a new ds106 animated GIF assignment titled “At least its an ethos.” It might be much better in my mind than in reality, but here it goes anyway. Take the line from The Big Lebowski … Continue reading

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Assault on Precinct 13 Trading Cards: The Ice Cream Truck

Here is another addition to the “Movie Trading Cards—now with more animation!” assignment. Sorry for the dark subject matter of this one, but John Carpenter’s vision of urban gangs and thug life in Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) was even … Continue reading

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The Dead Zone Trading Cards: The Hockey Game Vision

Just finished up my Animated Movie Trading Cards tutorial, and I figured I’d share my most recent creation that was made alongside documenting the tutorial. It’s inspired by the mad genius of David Cronenberg’s early films. This is one of … Continue reading

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