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Mozilla Open Education course

(Jan) Philipp Schmidt of Peer 2 Peer University has organized an open course (along with Mozilla and ccLearn) focused on designing the “open educational platform of the future.” It’s a great idea for a course (especially a free one!), and … Continue reading

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Publishing: This Time it’s Personal!

Image photoshopped by Serena Epstein. The NMC’s 2009 Horizon Report lists “The Personal Web” as one of the developing trends for educational institutions over the next 2 to 3 years. They define it as follows: Part of a trend that … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs has its first mapped (sub)domain

I have blogged regularly about mapping domains on WordPress Mulit-User for over a year now.  And it is with great pleasure that I announce the first instance of a mapped domain on UMW Blogs (which is actually a mapped subdomain).  … Continue reading

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WPMu Subdomain Mapping

As a follow up to my last post, I also tested out mapping subdomains with CPanel on a WPMu installation using Donncha’s Domain Mapping plugin. And surprise, surprise, just about the same method works for mapping just a subdomain to … Continue reading

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WPMu Domain Mapping Plugin on CPanel

Well, I have written a bunch about domain mapping on WPMu over the last year or so. Up and until tonight I have been using Richard Bui’s tutorial here along with David Dean’s Multi-Site Manager Plugin. The combination of the … Continue reading

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Importing a single WP blog to a WPMu Installation

As promised, I am going to go through the steps I followed bringing this blog from a single WordPress installation into a WPMu environment. For some background on all of this check out these posts here and here. So, I … Continue reading

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