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Directories for Domains: a Community Approach

Many of us in a certain subgenre of edtech have been working for a long time to try and use RSS to syndicate and aggregate posts from individual blogs into community sites. These sites are sometimes referred to as planet … Continue reading

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Aggregating Comments into a Distributed Course Hub Recipe

We been thinking a lot about new methods of syndication at DTLT, but I have to admit we won’t be writing off RSS just yet. I do hope that one day we can synch comments between in psots seamlessly between … Continue reading

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Integrating FeedWordPress with BuddyPress

I am writing a larger post about open architectures and the implications of what appears to be a more general move away from a focus on open as in sharing, collaboratively building, and collectively designing a space for teaching and … Continue reading

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Aggregating straight to UMW.EDU from bavatuesdays

The great Cathy Derecki gave us the ability to syndicate into umw.edu using FeedWordPress a while ago, I just haven’t played with it until tonight 🙂 And let me tell you, it’s pretty rad to have a department site on … Continue reading

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ds106 Site as Resource Hog

This post has actual graphs with numbers and data so I kind feel like Tony Hirst right now, I just won’t be as smart. Zach Davis did kernel updates on the ds106 student server as well as on the main … Continue reading

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UMW Study Abroad Blogs: A Case Study in Aggregated Self Service

Remember when the gas pumps moved from attended to self service? Well, if you’re not from dirty Jersey and you happen to be old enough you might remember this transition, and for me it was a special one.  I always … Continue reading

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WPMu as OCW Platform….a solution?

David Wiley just blogged about using WPMu as an OCW solution, and one of the issues he is running into is directory structure. What he wants is each department to have its own parent blog, and then child blogs within … Continue reading

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Archiving ain’t easy: bringing old one-off WP sites into WPMu

Every Summer we try and both update and archive some of the old projects we have on the various Bluehost accounts we have done over the last 3 or 4 years. It is a painstaking process, and when you have … Continue reading

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Hacked P2: Is it a blog? A micro-blog? Or twitter?….Or all three?

I’ve been dying to blog this, but I’ve been in beautiful Camden, NJ, piling up more work to do for Digital Whitman, a project which will shortly become the center of my life. But before that happens, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Approximating the Syndication Bus with WordPress.com

Michael Willits (do you have a blog I can link to yet, and why aren’t you blogging this?) sent me an email last week about some of the very cool work Danielle Stern is doing with her Gender Communication courses … Continue reading

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