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Survival: the Manual

This mornign i ebcame the proud new owner of a 1986 Army field manual dedicated to survival in numerous situations across a variety of terrains. It’s referred to by some as FM 21-76, and it’s considered by many to be the bible of survival guides. You can … Continue reading

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A Zombie Bug-Out Bag

I love this video because it marries many of the themes I have been pursuing over the last several years, namely zombies, survivalists, academics, and enthusiasts—all in one kinda strange National Geographic video about the zombie apocalypse as a metaphor … Continue reading

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Connectivity as poverty

Image credit: Mike Rohde’s “SXSWi 2009: Sketchnotes: Connectivity = Poverty” I have to say that it’s a crime that the audio of Bruce Sterling’s rant at this year’s SXSW Interactive hasn’t been posted online yet. it was one of the … Continue reading

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The EdTech Survivalists are heading to SXSW

Well, it all got confirmed today, Tom Woodward and I will be traveling together to SXSW. The trip is made possible thanks to Dave Lester’s panel on EDUPUNK that I will take part in, along with Barbara Ganley, Gardner Campbell, … Continue reading

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Survival Research Laboratories

It’s Funny the things you begin to find once you explore a certain subject. And I have been thinking more and more about this as it pertains to learning on the web, versus the kind of radically open (yet in … Continue reading

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The EdTech Survivalist has been hacked!

While I was trying to record the most recent EdTech Survivalist video, I was hacked by an alter-ego I thought had been laid to rest long ago. So forgive the quality of this recent installation, but I was shanghai’d in … Continue reading

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EdTech Survivalist: Episode 1

“Fishing with Tom” In our first episode we were ever so lucky to catch up with Dixie’s most impressive edtech survivalist Tom “Catfish” Woodward. We tunneled all the way down to the swamps of Slocum, Alabama to find him, and … Continue reading

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