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Syndicate This: a Practical Dream Vision of Syndication for UMW’s Website

I’ve written extensively about the importance of syndication to framing a community for a long time on this blog. In fact, recently I’ve even shied away from writing about it because I feel I’ve beaten that horse to death. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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Paris is Burning through Syndication

Have I ever mentioned how awesome #UMW‘s Study Abroad blog aggregator is? More than 200 posts since June. #4Life — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) July 20, 2013 When I tweeted out how awesome UMW’s Study Abroad aggregator blog is a few … Continue reading

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Syndication-Oriented Architecture: a Solution to Problem of Coherence

I’ve been preparing a talk that I will be delivering this afternoon for Campus Technology’s Virtual Leadership Summit. Given the session will be moderated by Gardner Campbell, I figured I’d take the opportunity to try and frame out the broader … Continue reading

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Nothing is lost

Anil Dash has quite an remarkable post titled the “Web We Lost” (thans for the heads up Tim). I really like the bit below because it gets right at the heart of the Domain of One’s Own pilot we are running at … Continue reading

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Open Architecture: Our Course Could be Your Life

With the recently peaked interest in open online learning, the conversation seems to have moved immediately towards the shock and awe of scaling an architecture for 30 thousand to 1 million students. I signed up for a Coursera course more … Continue reading

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Displaying Distributed Comments on the Hardboiled Blog

One of the nuts of aggregating mother blogs that was tough to crack for a long while was showing the number of comments on posts that were syndicated in. Almost two years ago  Martha Burtis cracked that nut for ds106. I’ve … Continue reading

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EdStartUp Intro: Innovating Around Syndication

Jim Groom’s EdStartup Intro Video from Jim Groom on Vimeo. I finally did my introductory video for EdStartup 101, an online MOOC that is brilliant model of a distributed, syndication-based architecture that drives participation in the course. What’s more, the … Continue reading

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The State of Aggregation at UMW

I’m usually not a whiteboard image blogger, but we’ve been going through some structural work at UMW with various projects and we are having to map things out more and more.  One of the things we’ve been working on with … Continue reading

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UMW’s Website Poised to become Syndication Hub, and by Extension Relevant

More than a week ago Cathy Derecki and Curtiss Grymala took me through some of the work they have been doing on umw.edu—which has been a multi-network WordPress install for almost a year now. The ideas here build upon this … Continue reading

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Aggregating straight to UMW.EDU from bavatuesdays

The great Cathy Derecki gave us the ability to syndicate into umw.edu using FeedWordPress a while ago, I just haven’t played with it until tonight 🙂 And let me tell you, it’s pretty rad to have a department site on … Continue reading

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