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Syndicate This: a Practical Dream Vision of Syndication for UMW’s Website

I’ve written extensively about the importance of syndication to framing a community for a long time on this blog. In fact, recently I’ve even shied away from writing about it because I feel I’ve beaten that horse to death. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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Wiring the syndication bus together

Philipp Schmidt just posted on a cool new mashup of Google Forms and Yahoo Pipes that creates a kind of self-service aggregation of feeds for Peer-2-Peer University classes, you can see the prototype here. Go ahead, add the URL of … Continue reading

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The revolution will be a bus

Revolution by Lawrence Whittemore Every generation needs a new revolution. Thomas Jefferson What blogging brought to the table, in addition to the liberating power of personal publishing, was a new take on the venerable publish/subscribe pattern, expressed now in terms … Continue reading

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FeedWordPress Widget: If you blog it, it is no dream

Less than a week after blogging my wish for a widget that would allow people to add links to their sites (no matter where they are hosted, they just need a valid feed), which in turn would be automatically entered … Continue reading

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FeedWordPress: A Widget Wish

The whole syndication-oriented architecture (feed-frenzied learning) many have been playing with using WordPress Multi-User has been moving along pretty well for us at UMW. With the help of just a couple of plugins we have been able to generate a … Continue reading

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Syndication-Oriented Architecture, or a Feed Frenzied Framework!

Jon Udell has mentioned the idea of Syndication-Oriented Architecture a couple of times over the the last year of so. One of the things I’ve been trying to spell outabout UMW Blog is how it in many ways is trying … Continue reading

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