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Universities using WPMu

Mario A. Núñez Molina did some research on Universities that are using WordPress Multi-User in this post. There are at least ten colleges and universities on that list that I wasn’t aware of before reading the post. Something that is … Continue reading

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Creating a dynamic frontpage for WPMu

For anyone interested in the dynamic homepage of UMW Blogs, this post may be of some interest… Part of what I started thinking about when working on UMW Blogs this Summer was how to capture some of the activity going … Continue reading

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WPMu Plugins: Comment Tracking and Stats

I have been experimenting with yet a few more possibilities on our WordPress Multi-User installation at UMW Blogs. One of which I am particularly excited about, so I’ll start there. WPMu Comment Tracking and Display This plugin (available on WPMUDEV.org) … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs: A Sound Investment

Well, Martha and I were discussing this yesterday, and given that UMW Blogs is now worth well over $120,000–which given the current deflation of the US dollar just ain’t what it used to be–we were hoping some unsuspecting Canadian business … Continue reading

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WPMu plugin patrol

While doing a quick sweep for WordPress Multi-User plugins on WPMuDev.org I came across two plugins that make me all the more certain that WordPress is without question the premiere open-source online publishing platform freely available to everyone. “More Privacy … Continue reading

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Fake can be just as good

Introducing the fake bavatuesdays, is it any less authentic than the real thing? The fact that you can copy themes in WPMu to specific user directories and edit them (or hack them!) freely really makes the possibilities of a stand … Continue reading

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Mapping Domains with WPMu

I’m on a roll baby, somebody stop me! Woooho… Mapping domains to WPMu –the next frontier is already here! I’m sure many of you know that WordPress.com has already figured out how to enable users to map their own domain … Continue reading

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WP-O-Matic 1.0 released

WP-O-Matic 1.0 has been released today and what a fine day it is for the aggregated auto-blogging world! You can download it here. Guilliermo Rauch, the 16 year-old wunderkind from Argentina, has delivered an unbelievable tool for WordPress and (YES … Continue reading

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Homework: Italia 201

So I have literally taken my work home with me this evening. Antonella (my special lady friend) is teaching two Italian courses at UMW this semester, and we have been sparring about the whole UMW Blogs thing and how it … Continue reading

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Hip Hop WordPress, you the love of my life (of my life)

I’ve been grooving on writing documentation for UMW Blogs over the last couple of days. In fact, I’ve donned the Sony headphones and been grooving continuously on The Roots’s album “Things Fall Apart” which does a beautiful job of quoting … Continue reading

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