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A Four-Pack of Carpenter

Update:  There’s a great article on this very retrospective by Benjamin Strong on the Moving Image Source titled “Morning in America.” He positions this retrospective as genre readings of the Reagan 80s, yes, that’s it! As if you need any … Continue reading

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Who said nothing good never came from Jersey?

The above flier represents yet another beautiful day (back in the day) at the BAMCinématek. Tell me you don’t have the utmost respect for this outfit now that you know that The Toxic Avenger series got their well-deserved due. But … Continue reading

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Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Italian Dance Party

Antonella and I have embarked on what we hope will be a fairly comprehensive retrospective of Italian Cinema in an attempt to answer one deceptively simple question, “What the hell went wrong?!” How did one of the most imaginative and … Continue reading

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bavarchive: creating learning resources on Flickr

Some of my most treasured “possessions” are the film programs I have collected from innumerable film outings over the years. I have a modest collection of stuff spread across several boxes in my attic, and I do love to steal … Continue reading

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