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Citizen Groom

Why do I like returning to NYC for events like CUNY WordcampEd? Well, for one I get treated like the Citizen Kane of Educational Technology which ain’t no small thing.  CUNY is currently constructing a Xanadu just for me! What … Continue reading

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NY, NY: A Day in NY (1957)

From the UBUWEB feed of plenty I just happened upon this short film by Francis Thompson, which might be what The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) would have looked like if it was filmed in Manhattan in 1957. Or, as … Continue reading

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Nighthawks (1981)

I love movies that feature New York City during the late 70s and early 80s, they capture a space on celluloid that I want to constantly remind myself existed once upon a time. And after watching The Hitcher a little … Continue reading

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What was May Place

Inspired by Luke Waltzer’s screencast using Google’s Street View to experiment with digital storytelling, I decided to take a look at the neighborhood where I grew up in Baldwin, NY. This process was really trippy for me, and the possibilities … Continue reading

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A childhood without proof

I’m the sixth kid of a family of seven. So, by the time I came along the idea of some kind of a photo archive for me was pretty much out the window. When I turned either eleven or twelve … Continue reading

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Babe in Uniform

Babe Ruth in full salute after signing up for a three-year stint in the New York National Guard. I have to give a special thanks to the RSS feed at Shorpy’s Photo Blog which delivered this gem of an image … Continue reading

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