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Minding the Future – Visions for Higher Ed

I’ll write a much longer post about how this all came together so quickly, but it boggles my mind that I can even publish this right now! Suffice it to say for now OpenVA just got that much more awesome with … Continue reading

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Syndication-Oriented Architecture: a Solution to Problem of Coherence

I’ve been preparing a talk that I will be delivering this afternoon for Campus Technology’s Virtual Leadership Summit. Given the session will be moderated by Gardner Campbell, I figured I’d take the opportunity to try and frame out the broader … Continue reading

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Nothing is lost

Anil Dash has quite an remarkable post titled the “Web We Lost” (thans for the heads up Tim). I really like the bit below because it gets right at the heart of the Domain of One’s Own pilot we are running at … Continue reading

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Got My Head in the Cloud: Udell on Domain of One’s Own

Jon Udell blogged about the history of an experiment that is finally taking root here at UMW. The pilot is the dry run for giving every Freshman their own domain and web hosting space by Fall 2013 in order to … Continue reading

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Refocusing and Refueling: Keene, Caulfield, and Udell

 Image credit: Dougton’s  “Keene, New Hampshire” Almost a month ago I spent four days up in Keene, New Hampshire thanks to a generous offer to present at the New Hampshire state college system’s Academic Technology Institute (can anyone point me to the … Continue reading

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A Calendar Year

About a month ago I discovered a ton of UMW-related Google calendars, and thanks to Tony Hirst’s post here, I realized that Google Calendar actually allows you to aggregate public calendars into one overarching calendar. So, I finally sat down … Continue reading

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Damn kids these days…

One of the greatest plagues of the educational blogosphere is the whole idea of labeling generations of learners in these pre-fabricated categories of millennials, digital natives, immigrants, NetGens, or what have you. Now I have no more evidence that these … Continue reading

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Imagining Cyberinsfrastructure

As I settle in at the University of Richmond, I have immediately recognized what I love about what I do: meeting new people and figuring out where and how I can be of use. There are tons of good people … Continue reading

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