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UMW Blogs wants you!

I wrote a post over at UMW Blogs that introduces a new feature allowing anyone at UMW to highlight a post or blog from around the community. I tried this over a year ago, but it was on a blog … Continue reading

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FeedWordPress Widget: If you blog it, it is no dream

Less than a week after blogging my wish for a widget that would allow people to add links to their sites (no matter where they are hosted, they just need a valid feed), which in turn would be automatically entered … Continue reading

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WPMu Sitewide Comment Tracking

I have been mentioning DSader a lot lately on this blog, and that’s mainly because I have been deep into WordPress Multi-User mode for a couple of weeks now. And between the upgrade to 2.6 and the general overhaul of … Continue reading

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WPMu “3-in-1” Widget: Tags, Recent Posts, and Archives

I already mentioned that Donncha’s Sitewide Tags plugin was going to make a whole lot of things much, much easier.  Well, DSader wrapped all the awesomeness into one bitchin’ plugin for WPMu: Sitewide “three-in-one” Multi Widget Panel. I discovered it … Continue reading

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Self-Service Feed Aggregation with WPMu

This post will detail how to create an aggregator site wherein people can simply add their feeds to a site and have their content automatically re-published. This example is specifically for WordPress and/or WordPress Multi-User. It depends upon three plugins, … Continue reading

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I couldn’t watch Crash 1x, no less 3x

As a general disclaimer, I couldn’t make it through the terrible film Crash (2004) once, no less three times. Therefore please disregard the bug in my Netflix widget that seems to be an act of sabotage on what little film … Continue reading

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Doing Things with Tags in WPMu 1.3

I discovered two cool things today that have to do with WPMu and tags. First, that WPMu 1.3 (and WP 2.3 for that matter) comes with a stock widget for a tag cloud that doesn’t require a plugin or anything. … Continue reading

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