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An Integrated Domain

I have been thinking pretty consistently, but rather quietly about the idea of a domain of one’s own. In fact, I’m starting to read Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own for several reasons, but one of them is for … Continue reading

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Reading Capital, Part 3: Forums vs. Discourse

World Forum 1 image courtesy of Dunechaser. This part of the Reading Capital discussion framework looks at the Reading Capital Forums (powered by bbPress) and a feature called Discourse which is the theme Prologue for WordPress blogs that offers a … Continue reading

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Twourse Design

Today I got to thinking about something while talking about building a community site: where is my community right now? Well, Twitter, and at this very moment I can see all kinds of cool things happening. I’m currently following two … Continue reading

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Prologue Theme Major Hit (or is it Punch-Out?)

A strange thing happened to me today. I was playing around with the new Prologue theme for WordPress that acts in many ways like Twitter. I had already tested it on WordPress.com here, but I wanted to see if the … Continue reading

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Prologue: Twitter-Inspired WordPress Theme

I have been on Twitter for almost a year now and, oddly enough, I have yet to blog about it. And while some might poke fun that I am only doing so now because I finally found a way to … Continue reading

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