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Student as Creator

I love NYC. Let that just hang there for a moment. Being in NYC this past Wednesday and Thursday couldn;t have been better. The city was crackling with a powerful sense of disaffection in the face of egregious corporate welfare, … Continue reading

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Summer of Love: Monsieur Klein (1976)

Joseph Losey fascinates me, from his early masterpiece The Boy with Green Hair (1948) to his work with Harold Pinter in the 60s on adaptations like The Servant (1963) to his slumming with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Boom!, … Continue reading

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My tractor for a wiki farm

Image credit: gem66’s “Farm Tractor and Family” The recent annoucnement and sharing of the various extensions and code that enables user integration between WPMu and MediaWiki, I have once again returned to the idea of make the UMW Blogs Wiki … Continue reading

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Author Feeds in WordPress

Joss Winn has an excellent post all about feeds in WordPress for anyone interested in this kind of thing. One of the things I realized yesterday was that WordPress does have a feed for individual authors within a group post, … Continue reading

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An Integrated Domain

I have been thinking pretty consistently, but rather quietly about the idea of a domain of one’s own. In fact, I’m starting to read Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own for several reasons, but one of them is for … Continue reading

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Wonder Twins activate, form of “Write To Reply”

I just wanted to applaud Tony Hirst and Joss Winn for the amazing work they are doing with Write to Reply. These two British cats did nothing short of re-imagine the possibilities for an open, accessible discourse around documents that … Continue reading

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