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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 21

”The Origin of Spider-Man”: Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and soon finds that he has gained the arachnid’s amazing abilities. He learns that “with great power there must also always be great responsibility” after his Uncle Ben, … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 20

”Sting of the Scorpion”: The Scorpion escapes prison to get back at Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. The Scorpion breaks into Dr. Stillwell’s lab and drinks a toxic potion that mutates him into a twenty-foot-tall giant. He captures Jameson and starts … Continue reading

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The End of the American Empire

I recently came across three videos on YouTube wherein David Simon (of “The Wire” fame) is speaking at Loyola University about “unencumbered Capitalism” which has resulted in an “existential crisis” of epic proportions, namely the reality that “people matter less.” … Continue reading

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Spider-man 1967, Epsiode 3

Yet another episode of the 1967 Spider-man series, this week’s villain is none other than Mysterio. In fact, he has the best quote of the series yet, “Don’t ya know, you can’t keep a good menace down.” Enjoy!

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Zombies and Flamethrowers

Just in case you thought there was no real film basis for the flamethrowing zombie presentation I did with Tom last November, here it is: This above series of edited scenes from Night of the Creeps (1986) actually pairs the … Continue reading

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Leave me alone, I’m a family man, and if you push me too far I just might….

The I Love this World blog delivers the goods again, this time through the Hall & Oates music video for “Family Man.” After watching this video I kind of understand the current dangers of the rising amateur culture. With the … Continue reading

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Rod Serling on time travel

I just got through watching a sixteen part “YouTube series” featuring clips of Rod Serling teaching a course at Ithaca College during the late 60s or early 70s. Gardner mentioned this to me during my first week at UMW more … Continue reading

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The time people will spend watching crap

I was talking to Andy Rush and Jerry Slezak recently about the fact that the over 90 videos I have uploaded to my YouTube account have almost 360,000 views. A figure that is modest by YouTube standards, but still kind of … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs Support Vidoes Now Embeddable

A couple of months ago I promised I would take the flash videos (published as .swf files) and upload them to Blip.tv so that others could use them freely and embed them elsewhere at will.  I finally got around to … Continue reading

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“Run to the Hills” with Hannah

Thanks to endless fount of genius that is Carole Garmon, here’s a video of a 13 year drummer named Hannah, and she rocks out pretty hard. You can see all here videos on YouTube here, but I choose Iron Maiden’s … Continue reading

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