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Reclaim Video’s 1983 Wishlist

Reclaim Video is coming along nicely. It will be officially opening sometime in the next month or so. What that looks like exactly is not entirely clear just yet, and ww would appreciate any and all ideas. We are discussing … Continue reading

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The Bava Headers

Yesterday Tyler commented about the header images on the bava, suggesting that they are just one more reason to read God’s only blog. His comment went like this: OK, I did find this useful. [referring to an old WP tutorial … Continue reading

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UbuWeb: the videos

From their site: UbuWeb: The YouTube of the Avant-Garde: UbuWeb has converted all of its rare and out-of-print film & video holdings to on-demand streaming formats à la YouTube, which means that you can view everything right in your browser … Continue reading

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Who needs Netflix with the Internet Archive around?

Over the last month or so I have been scouring the Internet Archive for pubic domain films. Below are 31 of the 38 movies I bookmarked in del.icio.us that are currently available at Internet Archive (del.icio.us seems to be balking … Continue reading

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Clare Quilty, or my excuse for talking about the limits of auteur theory

In the early 90s (probably 1993), I went to the Directors Guild of America to see a Peter Sellers retrospective. I was not a huge Sellers fan at that point. I had seen him a couple of times on the … Continue reading

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Movie List #2: Film Noir please…

I just finished an IM chat with Shannon, the Web 2.0 poster student who has been nothing short of mind blowing as I trace the connections she is making with these tools in all sorts of mediums, realms, and spaces. … Continue reading

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Film classics from the Internet Archive’s public domain collection

Screenshot from the screwball comedy His Girl Friday, a film which is freely available though the Internet Archive I watched His Girl Friday for the first time this evening and it was quite impressive -I am still recovering from the … Continue reading

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This post started out as a comment on my favorite blog these days, The Tattered Coat. Matt, the proprietor of said blog, has one of the most intelligent, entertaining, and interactive blogs going. After a long hiatus to finish his … Continue reading

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Movie List #1

Living in a small city with little, if nothing, happening has some untold benefits. Especially when you have access to an eclectic film library at your workplace. So, in an attempt to start chronicling one of my passions, I offer … Continue reading

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