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Facing the Facts of Facebook

Darren Barefoot recently blogged about Facebook as an “Ad Hoc Engine for Folding Time.” Here’s a quote from his brilliant framing of this widely popular application: Imagine the advantages of providing an online community where past, present and future members … Continue reading

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WordPress: power and simplicity

Subtitle: Are we ready to take WordPress as a CMS seriously yet? This is a post that was inspired by both a question on OLDaily as well as a post about Drupal documentation on Half an Hour. I originally threw … Continue reading

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Digg Down, DRM Up

I was scrolling through my google reader early this morning when I realized that something was amiss with Digg. Just about every article title in my digg folder either displayed or made reference to Hurley‘s jinxed holy grail of HD-DVD … Continue reading

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8-Minute Abs

One of the few things I have been unable to share on my blog is my daily work-out regiment. Not so much because I am shy or embarrassed about it, rather until now I haven’t had an effective way to … Continue reading

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Just in case you were wondering…

…this is Web 2.0!

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This is my house! Just wait ’til I have my high-score -no one will beat -I said NO ONE!!! It just doesn’t get any better than this, thanks Jerry -for lightening the load!

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WP-O-Matic is a nice little third-party plugin for WordPress that uses the SimplePie php class (thanks to Patrick and Andy for the link to this amazing set of aggregation resources for both WP and MediaWiki) to grab an RSS feed … Continue reading

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[youtube]RGKF2BZLdFY[/youtube] YouTube has recently introduced citizentube. This channel kind of reminds me of Jon Udell’s post about recording local politics and making it widely available for a more nuanced look at a candidate’s stance on a wide range of issues. … Continue reading

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A fish tank called Wanda

Photo courtesy of Mataparda D’Arcy Norman has been rethinking eduglu, as have a bunch of folks at UMW. I am nowhere near smart enough to retrace the steps of the conversation, which is for the moment all offline. A couple … Continue reading

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Looking for the perfect opportunity to try out Mojiti? Well, Newt Gingrich, after his inflammatory remarks about Spanish as the language of the ghetto, released a video apologia -in Spanish- on YouTube (thanks Jerry!). So, why not take this opportunity … Continue reading

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