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bava xmas 2010

Things may get very, very quiet around the bava for a while given we are all heading out to Italy for the holidays. I can’t promise you’ll necessarily be rid of me for three weeks, but I can promise you’ll … Continue reading

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Brainstorming for ds106 course design

I just got off a Skype call with Martha Burtis, Tom Woodward, and Alan Levine, all of whom have very graciously volunteered to help me think about the design of the open and online portion of the course. I am … Continue reading

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Syndication bus for ds106

Seeing how I can bring the syndication bus into full effect for ds106. I think it can happen, I just pull my Flickr and delicious posts tagged ds106 into using FeedWordpress—and then associate them with my admin account on … Continue reading

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Isaac Asimov on education in the future

erchache2000 shared the link to the above video of Isaac Asimov talking with Bill Moyers in “The World of Ideas” back in 1988. His fascinating discussion of the idea of computer mediated instruction being anything but dehumanizing. I love Asimov’s … Continue reading

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ds106 Mad Men (or women!)

nobody blogs like the bava. nobody! So, if D’Arcy Norman isn’t already doing sick mashups featuring yours truly as the “Mad Men” poster–which is brilliant!—then Tom Woodward is laying down assignment after assignment already on his bionic blog—and I quote: … Continue reading

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A ds106 wish list

Image credit: Bionicteaching’s “Michael Chasen sits on edupunk Santa’s lap and hopes not to suck so much this Xmas” As I mentioned in my last post, a number of folks have offered to help with the design and execution of … Continue reading

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ds106 as an open and online experiment

Well, I am wrapping up the second iteration of the Digital Storytelling course (ds106) I’ve been teaching this semester, and I have to say it has been a lot of fun. i think I have honed my approach to the … Continue reading

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“Listen Terencino” —Fellini as Maniac

Anto watched a documentary on RAI recently titled Fellini: I’m a Big Liar, which has a series of interviews of people sharing tales about the great Federico Fellini, and what a maniac he was. And no story captures this better … Continue reading

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Scientific Proof ds106 Rocks

During the course of this semester I met with all the ds106 internauts individually at least three times to gauge their progress and generally carve out sometime to make sure everything we are doing makes sense—a way to make up … Continue reading

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A Mashedup ds106 Xmas Card

Have a happy holiday ds106 inernauts! Now looking for some hanukkah and Kwanzaa mashups 🙂 Discovered via this post on BoingBoing.

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