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An Open Approach to Teaching Web Content Management

Antonio Vantaggiato of the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico has just blogged about the very cool approach he is taking to teaching his Computer Science students about Web Content Management. He’s giving theme the tools and the spaces … Continue reading

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Momentum for WP as LMS building

Image credit: bionicteaching’s “Edupunking your CMS” Maybe it’s just cause I live in a particular bubble on the internet, but over the past six months or a year there has been what seems to me like some serious momentum towards … Continue reading

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Blogging WordPress as a CMS

Martha Burtis is back in action at UMW, and she returns to us with a project that I am following with great anticipation: blogging WordPress as a CMS. As she notes in her introductory post on the topic: It often … Continue reading

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Course Mangement Systems as the Gentrification of EdTech

Image thanks to Lulu Vision Here at UMW we have been going through a CMS Review. It has been a pretty interesting project, and while I only tangentially involved, I have been following the basic rhetorical thrust of the sales … Continue reading

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Sorry, We’re Open

Sorry, we’re open used courtesy of oknovokght. I have to be honest with you, I’m getting more and more confused with the term “open” when used in the context of educational technology these days. The term has been popular in … Continue reading

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WordPress as CMS

Ok, so in addition to the Moosecamp session “WordPress Anonymous” on Friday (depending on interest) and the “Don’t Call it a Blog, call it an Educational Publishing Platform” on Saturday, Lloyd Budd recently facebooked me asking if I would “lead” … Continue reading

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How “open-source” is Sakai?

Yesterday I had the privilege of heading down to the University of Virginia and catching up with Steve Stedman and crew who are strongly considering piloting a WordPress Multi-user installation for their ITC group. We talked a bit over a … Continue reading

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Preserving the Past with Futuristic Tools

One of the projects that I have been working on this semester has been the development of an online exhibit with the museum lab class in the Historic Preservation department. As this project builds momentum, I am starting to get … Continue reading

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