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ds106zone week 2: Design, Audio, and Twilight Zone, oh my!

This Week’s Twilight Zone Episodes This week you will be required to watch and create around three Twilight Zone episodes: “The Eye of the Beholder,” “The Midnight Sun,” and “Time Enough at Last.” You can find “Eye of the Beholder” in … Continue reading

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Save the Elks Theater!

Today I got an email asking if a small, local movie theater that’s been around since 1911 could use a minimalist movie poster I created for John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) to promote a forthcoming benefit to save the theater … Continue reading

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Designing a Hardboiled Course Site

Designing the Hardboiled lit course site over the last couple of weeks has been fun. I’m modeling it very much on the way I built the early ds106 course sites in the Spring and Fall of 2010. I love TwentyTen … Continue reading

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I’ll take the book with the shiny cover

I’m aware that a lot of folks read a lot of books on their iPads, Kindles, smart phones, laptops, etc. In fact, there’s a whole business and culture around the process that bores me to no end. And while I’m … Continue reading

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This Week in ds106: Valentine’s Day, Design, and Jamming (5.2)

On Tuesday, February 14, 2012 (Week 5) I introduced the Design portion of class. This is a particularly fun part of class for me, and in this video we discuss the art of jamming in ds106 (thanks to inspiration from … Continue reading

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This Week in ds106: Week 5 Preview and a Special Edition

This week introduces the Design section of ds106, which is a personal favorite. Alan and I preview what’s to come in week 5 which wiull be all design all the time. Special guests that will appear at some point this … Continue reading

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Minimalist Philosophy Posters

This is a layup for ds106. The minimalist post that moves beyond film and TV and takes on the world of philosophy. Kudos to British designer Gex, these are awesome. I owe someone a kudos here for the tip, but … Continue reading

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DS106: Drop Tuition Not Bombs

I’m still working on my book cover, but in the meantime I did Michael Branson Smith’s ds106 bumper sticker assignment, which is a blast. I love that it was so dead simple. All I did is take the originalbumper sticker … Continue reading

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John Carpenter’s The Thing Minimalist Poster

I love the minimalist poster assignment over at ds106, and going through the process again allows me to do something with The Thing which I had promised last semester, but never delivered on. I ended up doing The Birds instead, … Continue reading

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Talking ds106 design with Ben Rimes and Cheryl Colan

In today’s session Bianca O’Blivion seems a bit delusional as to her role in the class, while Ben Rimes and Cheryl Colan were kind enough to talk with me about everything from ds106 design assignments to K-12 education (which I … Continue reading

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