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New South Blogs

I just got a trackback from New South Blogs which is burgeoning publishing platform for the University of New South Wales, and it’s pretty cool to see the work many of us are doing in this regard impact and inspire … Continue reading

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Playing with BuddyPress

For the last 12 hours or so I have been playing pretty heavily with BuddyPress, which is basically a series of powerful plugins developed by Andy Peatling that creates a social networking layer for WordPress Multi-User. I had played with … Continue reading

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Social media is a channel optimised for the insignificant

James Gardner of the Bankervision blog (nod to Tony for pointing me to this one) beautifully describes the presiding logic of insignificance in social media in this post. Below is the excerpt that hit my like a diamond in the … Continue reading

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Facebook Hazing

I was talking with a faculty member about social networking Tuesday, and while she was giving me some tips on my Facebook profile I switched my relationship status from single to married, something I didn’t think twice about at the … Continue reading

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WPMu as an Educational Network

Seems like using an open source application like WordPress Multi-User to create a social networking tool where people actually control their work is making some headway. Most notably in Matt Mullenweg’s recent announcement that Automattic is backing BuddyPress (an open … Continue reading

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