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UMW Blogs Upgraded to WPMu 2.7.1

“Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see. Move along now….move along.” We waited until the end of the semester for the UMW Blogs upgrade to 2.7.1 and I have to say going from version 2.6.5 to 2.7.1 was the … Continue reading

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The time people will spend watching crap

I was talking to Andy Rush and Jerry Slezak recently about the fact that the over 90 videos I have uploaded to my YouTube account have almost 360,000 views. A figure that is modest by YouTube standards, but still kind of … Continue reading

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What was May Place

Inspired by Luke Waltzer’s screencast using Google’s Street View to experiment with digital storytelling, I decided to take a look at the neighborhood where I grew up in Baldwin, NY. This process was really trippy for me, and the possibilities … Continue reading

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OneClick Installer Plugin Screencast Tutorial

I recently posted about the OneClick Installer plugin for WordPress and how easy it makes installing themes or plugins right from your browser. This plugin will be extremely useful for the folks in the Teaching & Learning Technology Fellowship we … Continue reading

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How to use a dial telephone

A reposting of the viral video “The Medieval Helpdesk” (a comical look at the new technology of the book during the middle ages) has a description that frames the point of the video as follows: This video makes fun of … Continue reading

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