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Alta Via 2 Post Mortem

Right before New Year’s I pushed myself to finally organize and publish the images from the hike Antonella and I took through the Dolomiti mountains this August. I actually wrote 3 posts while in the clutches of the hike—one for … Continue reading

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Look Mom, No Support!

You may have to click on the above image for the full effect, but I just wanted to take a moment to recognize that I’m officially off the 8 AM to 10 PM (Eastern US Time) support schedule. I still … Continue reading

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Playing with Paperspace

While I was back in Fredericksburg earlier this month Tim was exploring how to run a gaming machine in the cloud. As crazy as it seems, it is now possible. The reason behind the search was to explore setting up … Continue reading

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Alta Via 2, Day 5: Happy Trails

Unlike the previous 4 posts in this series, there was never even a fragment of a post for the fifth day of our Alta Via hike. In fact, I’m composing this exactly 5 months after the final day of our … Continue reading

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Support the Remixer and the Arts

It’s no exaggeration to say that @BryanMMathers changed my aesthetic life indelibly when he began visually animating @reclaimhosting’s soul. We love this guy! And he is an amazingly generous collaborator. https://t.co/eo14nVNNiN — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) May 24, 2019 It’s been … Continue reading

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Completely Unreliable Assholes

I don’t know why, but I love that someone took the time to isolate this 3 second clip of Scatman Crothers speaking truth to power in The Shining. And if you’re not into the whole brevity thing and you feel … Continue reading

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Origin Stories and Making the Myths at Reclaim

Lauren ran an awesome episode of Reclaim Today yesterday (I’m not biased!) wherein Tim, Lauren, and I did a live, streaming discussion about the “History of Reclaim Hosting.” It may a bit early for the Reclaim biopic to be picked … Continue reading

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Outdoor Smell

I had a pretty weird email from the Fredericksburg Alert system yesterday, and timed bizarrely while en route to Fredericksburg. The subject was “Outdoor Smell,” and the email read as follows: This is a notification from the City of Fredericksburg: … Continue reading

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Bava Mountain High

I was tickled when I read Adam Croom’s recent post about his trip to Trento this Summer. When someone visits the gorgeous country of Italy, it is no small feat when their visit ranks as a highlight. Entertaining so many … Continue reading

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Whoowns or Whoowens?

One of the cPanel scripts I’ve found really useful as of late is the whoowns script that let’s you know which account owns a specific domain. Let me provide a quick scenario.  You have an issue with a domain and … Continue reading

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