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Pimping My Decks for Domains19

I am finally starting to get over the fear and dread of putting on Domains19, and moving into the enjoyment phase of the process. I am very much looking forward to landing in Durham, North Carolina in 10 days to … Continue reading

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Katie Martell on “Why Domains”

I got a note last week from Katie Martell, an Instructional Technologist at Plymouth State University (PSU), letting us know she would be leaving PSU. That’s a huge loss for PSU given Katie has been the engine behind running their … Continue reading

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Make Trax

We are adding a seventh early 80s video game cabinet to the ever-growing Reclaim Arcade. The games is a bit niche, I first knew it as Crush Roller (which is odd given that was its name in Japan), but it … Continue reading

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The great Chris Lott (most recently of Katexic fame) shared a post with me titled “Small b blogging” by Tom Critchlow that had some pretty salient points about why you should blog. I’m gonna share a few below that resonated—but … Continue reading

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Sometimes They Come Back

The other day I got a comment on a post from 2007 about teaching Foucault’s Discipline and Punish. It’s over a decade old at this point, and it’s interesting to me because it marks a moment when I was knee … Continue reading

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No, that is not the number of posts on the bava, but rather the average number of steps I need for each of the next 44 days to get to the coveted average of 10,000 every damned day in 2017. … Continue reading

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The LMS is dead, not unlike God: thoughts on the NGDLE

I am working with my favorite collaborator, Brian Lamb, on a position paper for a conference at the Open University of Catalonia this fall around the topic: “Pushing the boundaries of Higher Education: challenging traditional models with innovative and creative … Continue reading

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I’ve blogged a fair amount this year, if I hit the 165 posts mark—which I should—that would be an average of a post every 2.2 days. And that’s with a month away in between October and November. We’re nothing if not … Continue reading

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Just Say No to Domain Phone Scams

I woke up to an email from a concerned Reclaim Hosting faithful that got my attention immediately: Thank you for your email! I actually have a concern regarding security issues. I received a call today from someone called John, claiming … Continue reading

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Small is Beautiful: A Study of Ed-Tech as if People Mattered

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at the yearly conference for the consortium of American international liberal arts institutions, also known as AMICAL. This was far an away the most diverse conference I have ever been to. … Continue reading

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