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Look around you Tessy

Dad and Tess at a diner in Wantagh I was going to write a long post about my impressions of being back on Long Island last month. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with that fish-shaped isola since I left in … Continue reading

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Pimping My Decks for Domains19

I am finally starting to get over the fear and dread of putting on Domains19, and moving into the enjoyment phase of the process. I am very much looking forward to landing in Durham, North Carolina in 10 days to … Continue reading

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Katie Martell on “Why Domains”

I got a note last week from Katie Martell, an Instructional Technologist at Plymouth State University (PSU), letting us know she would be leaving PSU. That’s a huge loss for PSU given Katie has been the engine behind running their … Continue reading

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Make Trax

We are adding a seventh early 80s video game cabinet to the ever-growing Reclaim Arcade. The games is a bit niche, I first knew it as Crush Roller (which is odd given that was its name in Japan), but it … Continue reading

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The great Chris Lott (most recently of Katexic fame) shared a post with me titled “Small b blogging” by Tom Critchlow that had some pretty salient points about why you should blog. I’m gonna share a few below that resonated—but … Continue reading

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Sometimes They Come Back

The other day I got a comment on a post from 2007 about teaching Foucault’s Discipline and Punish. It’s over a decade old at this point, and it’s interesting to me because it marks a moment when I was knee … Continue reading

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No, that is not the number of posts on the bava, but rather the average number of steps I need for each of the next 44 days to get to the coveted average of 10,000 every damned day in 2017. … Continue reading

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The LMS is dead, not unlike God: thoughts on the NGDLE

I am working with my favorite collaborator, Brian Lamb, on a position paper for a conference at the Open University of Catalonia this fall around the topic: “Pushing the boundaries of Higher Education: challenging traditional models with innovative and creative … Continue reading

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I’ve blogged a fair amount this year, if I hit the 165 posts mark—which I should—that would be an average of a post every 2.2 days. And that’s with a month away in between October and November. We’re nothing if not … Continue reading

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Just Say No to Domain Phone Scams

I woke up to an email from a concerned Reclaim Hosting faithful that got my attention immediately: Thank you for your email! I actually have a concern regarding security issues. I received a call today from someone called John, claiming … Continue reading

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