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Producing The Joy of ds106

I’m officially back in the ds106 saddle as a producer for the ds106.tv public access station. I think the last time I had any significant presence in a ds106 class was 2015 or so, so this feels good, especially in … Continue reading

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Brainstorming ds206.video

I’m gonna try and make this post short and sweet because the conversation above says it all. In episode 24 of Reclaim Today Tim and I were once again joined by Andy Rush to  brainstorm the design and structure of … Continue reading

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KaraOERke Summer Summit 2020

As an update, turns out Zoom will work better than Jitsi in this instance, and I explain why in this follow-up post here. I spent a bit of time this afternoon getting my rig setup for the KaraOERke event that … Continue reading

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Weekend Notes from Reclaim Cloud: Anth101, downsizing bava, and back to MyISAM

I spent some time Saturday and Sunday playing around with the Reclaim Cloud, I am spending more and more time in this environment, and loving it. Couple of  notes here given I am prone to forget. I moved the impressive … Continue reading

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New homepage for ds106.club

While I am still cleaning house, I wanted to share the new homepage I create for the ds106.club site. While I would like to pretend I actually styled this site, I did nothing of the sort. I basically copied the … Continue reading

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Archiving ds106 docs

Part of moving ds106 to a new server is making sure you don’t leave a trail of dead links in your wake. With great classes come great responsibility 🙂 I think I have the caching issues and some of the … Continue reading

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ds106.club to the Cloud!

As the tale of the bava can attest, I have been knee-deep in migrating projects to the Reclaim Cloud. It’s been equal parts exhilarating and frustrating given the possibilities and the necessary learning curve, but that’s often the cost of … Continue reading

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Migrating ds106 to the Reclaim Cloud

If there is any wonkiness on the https://t.co/GeVkKB717O sites(or sub-sites like https://t.co/F8ktYX9tBW, https://t.co/tC57HjGa1g etc.) it's probably my fault, so just let me know. #ds106 #buildingabettertomorrow pic.twitter.com/Twb8YMjUMm — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) May 30, 2020 If the migration of bavatuesdays was a … Continue reading

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ds106tv: the Vertical and the Horizontal

As you might have guessed from the bava recently, there’s something in the air besides COVID-19, namely the #ds106 reunion tour 10 years on! I’m not entirely sure how or why, but I am glad it’s happening, and I am … Continue reading

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Talking Reclaim Hosting with Lauren Brumfield on #ds106radio

Last week I talked with Lauren Heywood and Bryan Mathers on #ds106radio, and I had a blast both times. I started thinking why aren’t we doing more of this at Reclaim Hosting given #ds106 and Reclaim go together like chocolate … Continue reading

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