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ds106.club to the Cloud!

As the tale of the bava can attest, I have been knee-deep in migrating projects to the Reclaim Cloud. It’s been equal parts exhilarating and frustrating given the possibilities and the necessary learning curve, but that’s often the cost of … Continue reading

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Migrating ds106 to the Reclaim Cloud

If there is any wonkiness on the https://t.co/GeVkKB717O sites(or sub-sites like https://t.co/F8ktYX9tBW, https://t.co/tC57HjGa1g etc.) it's probably my fault, so just let me know. #ds106 #buildingabettertomorrow pic.twitter.com/Twb8YMjUMm — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) May 30, 2020 If the migration of bavatuesdays was a … Continue reading

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ds106tv: the Vertical and the Horizontal

As you might have guessed from the bava recently, there’s something in the air besides COVID-19, namely the #ds106 reunion tour 10 years on! I’m not entirely sure how or why, but I am glad it’s happening, and I am … Continue reading

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Talking Reclaim Hosting with Lauren Brumfield on #ds106radio

Last week I talked with Lauren Heywood and Bryan Mathers on #ds106radio, and I had a blast both times. I started thinking why aren’t we doing more of this at Reclaim Hosting given #ds106 and Reclaim go together like chocolate … Continue reading

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Chatting with Bryan Mathers about #ds106radio on #ds106radio

This is a two and a half hour tour-de-force of a free-ranging discussion about radio, art, and much more between myself and the great visual thinkerer: Bryan Mathers. My relationship with Bryan goes back to chance encounter in 2015 when … Continue reading

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USS Missouri as experienced on #ds106radio

The #ds106radio has been on fire recently, and I am not going to lie: it gives me a lot of joy and hope in a strange moment. A lot of first timers are jumping on (tune in tonight (day? morning?) … Continue reading

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bavaradio: Some ds106radio Notes

Note bene: I started writing this post 2 days ago (it was actually the 11th day of lockdown, not the 10th), but things have gotten a bit more intense since. Tinkering with this blog and writing throw away posts has … Continue reading

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What I learned from getting back on ds106radio

Hey @jimgroom South Pacific with music to help pass the days by. I hear that Italians are singing from their windows to each other. You can blast out #ds106radio to them all! — Nigel Robertson (@easegill) March 15, 2020 As … Continue reading

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Sebastian Koller-Watters

Let’s recruit… @Autumm @suebecks @Bali_Maha @Jessifer @cogdog #ds106 @ReclaimHosting @jimgroom and more to help create @audreywatters memes!! #edtechAudreyQuotes GO — Whitney Kilgore (@whitneykilgore) September 15, 2018 Seems to me finding an Audrey Watters quote in a ed- tech focused presentation … Continue reading

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Fellowship of the SPLOT

We are big fans of the SPLOT at Reclaim Hosting, and Alan Levine has been doing a ton of work developing and managing these tools over the last couple of years. Not so much because folks are paying him too, … Continue reading

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