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Sebastian Koller-Watters

Let’s recruit… @Autumm @suebecks @Bali_Maha @Jessifer @cogdog #ds106 @ReclaimHosting @jimgroom and more to help create @audreywatters memes!! #edtechAudreyQuotes GO — Whitney Kilgore (@whitneykilgore) September 15, 2018 Seems to me finding an Audrey Watters quote in a ed- tech focused presentation … Continue reading

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Fellowship of the SPLOT

We are big fans of the SPLOT at Reclaim Hosting, and Alan Levine has been doing a ton of work developing and managing these tools over the last couple of years. Not so much because folks are paying him too, … Continue reading

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Reclaim Video: The Website

One of the elements of Reclaim Video that I am most excited about is exploring what is possible through the website. We launched the website as part of the world premier at OER18,  and it’s pretty awesome. We had a … Continue reading

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Monogamous Book Club, Episode 3: The Iron Heel

A couple of weeks ago Paul Bond reached out asking if I wanted to discuss Jack London’s 1908 dystopian novel The Iron Heel. I had recently read White Fang with my kids, so I was definitely game. I had heard … Continue reading

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Tech Infrastructure as OER

Recently on Twitter, Jöran Muuß-Merhol reminded me of a discussion we had back in 2016 at the OER Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This podcast with @jimgroom on the beauty and the messiness of #learning is one of my favorites! (Only … Continue reading

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Archiving Faculty Academy

I mentioned in this post last month that the Faculty Academy sites were down. I discussed this with Martha and realized all the Faculty Academy sites had been created as an independent network within UMW Blogs, and given the plugin … Continue reading

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Back in the Burg

I’ve been back in the Burg for the last 10 days working from Reclaim’s HQ on a range of stuff. As a result the bava has been a bit quiet given the push to get as much done as possible … Continue reading

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The Monogamous Book Club: Inauspicious Beginnings

Well, I spent much of this morning configuring my computer for the first episode of The Monogamous Podcast. I use Alan Levine’s Rube Goldberg machine to broadcast on ds106rad.io. I am gonna leave a screenshot of my Ladiocast settings for … Continue reading

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Reclaim’s Fantastic Four

Yesterday was a special day, Reclaim Hosting grew to four full-time employees with the hiring of Meredith Fierro. Four is the perfect number for a super group, wouldn’t you agree? Needless to say, the costumes are on order. Meredith worked … Continue reading

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bavaradio show notes for March 27 2017

At the bottom of the hour I will be doing a set on #ds106radio. Do I have anything planned? Of course not! https://t.co/DQNyRE6sLp — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) March 27, 2017 As promised, I have made a subtle return to ds106rad.io. … Continue reading

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