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The Strange Wonderland that is UMW Blogs

Professor Mara Scanlon just sent me a link to this post by a student in her Advanced Literary Studies Methods course (English 295). The final paragraph of that awesome blog post reminds me how vital it is to be part of … Continue reading

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Would You Submit This Promotion Letter?

Update: Had to change title from tenure to promotion because it was not that but this 🙂 Almost two years ago Mara Scanlon asked me to write a promotion letter in support of her application for full professor here at … Continue reading

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Multimedia Projects: A Blog/Wiki Mashup

This semester professor Mara Scanlon and I decided at the very last minute to experiment a bit with the multimedia projects she had assigned the students in her Contemporary Poetry and Asian American Literature courses. Here is the multimedia project … Continue reading

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The flowers of H.D.’s HERmione and Gynopod

Mara Scanlon’s “Women in Modernism” (aka as “Gynomod,” or more recently “the womb”) course blog is on fire, and having had first-hand experience of her teaching for all of last semester, it is really no surprise. She is able to … Continue reading

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Looking for Whitman, or “Shut the Front Door!”

Well, if I am gonna be honest with myself I have to admit that I have been a total “beauty school dropout” this semester, I have been trying hard to keep up with my various duties, but the tidal wave … Continue reading

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Archiving ain’t easy: bringing old one-off WP sites into WPMu

Every Summer we try and both update and archive some of the old projects we have on the various Bluehost accounts we have done over the last 3 or 4 years. It is a painstaking process, and when you have … Continue reading

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Young Gun for Hire: A DTLT Graduate

In less than a week’s time Serena Epstein will be graduating from UMW, and will therefore no longer be working for the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies. And even though we fight like cats and dogs, it pains me … Continue reading

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Tale of the FeedWordPress Tape

Image courtesy of Looking for Fish tacos at ELI 2006, aka CogDog. Well, I have finally gotten a free minute to get this all down, and get it down I will in hopes that I can drum up some help … Continue reading

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Murder, Madness, Mayhem is so EDUPUNK

Jon Beasley-Murray’s Murder, Madness, and Mayhem course at the University of British Columbia has blown my mind over the last few months. If you are not familiar with this amazing project that brings the full extent of the communal and … Continue reading

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