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Refocusing and Refueling: Keene, Caulfield, and Udell

 Image credit: Dougton’s  “Keene, New Hampshire” Almost a month ago I spent four days up in Keene, New Hampshire thanks to a generous offer to present at the New Hampshire state college system’s Academic Technology Institute (can anyone point me to the … Continue reading

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This Week in ds106: Gardner Campbell on Personal Cyberinfrastructures

ds106: Gardner Campbell talks Personal Cyberinfrastructure from umwnewmedia on Vimeo. Once again this semester we were privileged to have Gardner Campbell, the inspiration for the ethos of ds106, join us via Skype to talk about everything from his essay on … Continue reading

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DS106 week 1: Introductions, webhosts, and a domain of your own

Welcome to ds106, watching the eight minute video for my a rather unofficial introduction: ds106: Week 1 Intro from Jim Groom on Vimeo. Assignments for Week 1: A Quick introduction By way of introduction tell us all a story about … Continue reading

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Digital Storytelling: Week 1

I’ve been meaning to write this post ( and the following three) incrementally over the past month, but time has been tough on me these last few weeks. I’m getting the blogging DTs being away from the bava for so … Continue reading

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Young Gun for Hire: A DTLT Graduate

In less than a week’s time Serena Epstein will be graduating from UMW, and will therefore no longer be working for the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies. And even though we fight like cats and dogs, it pains me … Continue reading

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EDUPUNK Battle Royale, Part 2

EDUPUNK Battle Royale, Part 2 Thanks to Gerry Bayne for turning this around so quick —I think the next three videos will be coming out sooner than later. I just saw this for the first time minutes ago, and I … Continue reading

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Judges 5:27

“…At her feet he bowed, he fell: where he bowed, there he fell down dead.” I’ve spent much of the early morning hours reading through Brad Efford’s awesome Judges 5:27 blog—the Reverend’s last man on ELS Blogs! It is, without … Continue reading

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