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Earlier today on twitter I was watching the river flow when I saw the following tweet by the great Bud Hunt: My password is always 123456. #FiveWordEdTechHorrors — Bud Hunt (@budtheteacher) December 11, 2013 I was intrigued, and figured what … Continue reading

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The ds106 99: #20 #jimgroomstudentproblems

The third iteration of ds106 is coming to an end in the next week or so, and there is no question in my mind that this last semester with its open, online component really elevated this course to the next … Continue reading

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Why I Tweet

Jeff Swain recently published a video asking others why they Tweet, so I figured I would respond. As usual, it’s hard for me to be serious about anything, especially through video, and despite two takes at a response I still … Continue reading

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DUKE CIT Presentation: “Do you believe in magic?”

Looks like the good folks at Duke University’s Center for Instructional Technology put my presentation “Fragmented Identities: A Domain of One’s Own” up on YouTube. Quite frankly, I was afraid to watch the video because I have fond memories of … Continue reading

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Tripping on Twitter by way of the Election in Iran

I spent the last hour or so following the #iranelection hastag on Twitter. It is really unbelievable how much stuff is streaming through on a second-by-second basis. I tried to lock in to the flow of information for a bit … Continue reading

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Hacked P2: Is it a blog? A micro-blog? Or twitter?….Or all three?

I’ve been dying to blog this, but I’ve been in beautiful Camden, NJ, piling up more work to do for Digital Whitman, a project which will shortly become the center of my life. But before that happens, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Duke University’s CIT Showcase, 2009

I’ll be posting the video and some more commentary of the “Magic Trick Talk” I did last week at Duke when it’s available, although I’m a bit nervous about it because I am under the illusion the talk went well … Continue reading

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Bryan Alexander says…

Sometime in November or December of this past year Serena told be that there was a core, underground group of Bryan Alexander fans here at UMW. It doesn’t entirely surprise me given I’m one myself, but I found that the … Continue reading

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Web 2.0, Imperialism, and Nation Building

I couldn’t help but pause over a recent headline I came across in my RSS reader, and while I can’t find the original post I scanned yesterday, a quick search brought this one up first from startuparabia, “Google, AT&T, Automattic … Continue reading

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PSU Aggregates Democracy

Brad Kozlek (of EDUSHIZZLE fame)  posted about a little experiment they’re doing with aggregation on PSU Blogs. So when you search for the term “democracy” on PSU Blogs, not only do you get relevant posts from around the blogging platform, … Continue reading

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