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The End

I had planned on giving my presentation on EDUPUNk in Puerto Rico, but I once again decided against it, and changed my topic to deal with something I am a bit more familiar with: film, zombies, and consumer culture 🙂 … Continue reading

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The Zombie Chronicles

Below are 8 videos (which I actually embedded as a playlist from YouTube) that I took in my shed while Tom Woodward and I were preparing our “live interview” for Jared Stein and Marc Hugentobler’s “Late Night Learning Live” presentation, … Continue reading

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“My Students were Teenage Zombies”

Update: A much better post about this course and its use of the blog was written by Luke Waltzer here, read that instead. Mikhail Gershovich’s “Fear Anxiety and Paranoia” film class had some unexpected visitors: student zombies! Something Tom Woodward … Continue reading

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Zombie Marvels, or is it Marvel’s Zombies?

This post over at Cartoon Brew features some fun fan art by YouTube user Whoiseyevan, who has re-cut the trailers for the 1960s super hero animated series of Captain America, Thor, and The Fantastic Four into Marvel Zombie versions. And … Continue reading

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Zombies and Pirates: Let’s begin

Gratuitous audio: Download Sell My Soul When I started talking about the Zombies and Pirates course I was thinking along the lines of a syllabus, a series of texts, a schedule, and a unifying theme. In some ways a traditional … Continue reading

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Zombieland looks to be a Hollywood highlight reel made up of the most creative ways to kill zombies, which is absolutely something I can get behind these days.

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Kung Fu Zombies

Check out this clip from Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave (1982), between the terrible dubbing, ridiculous effects, and zombies vs. Dracula “action,” it is simply impossible not to love it: Thanks to the great

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SXSW, Zombies, and EDUPUNK

SXSW Zombie/Edupunk Interview #2 from Tom Woodward on Vimeo. I’m thrilled to see the great Tom Woodward is uploading the interviews he did with random folks at SXSW about EDUPUNK and zombies. They’re a blast, and it’s awesome to finally … Continue reading

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Pirates, Zombies, and P2P….Oh My!

I’ve had an idea brewing for a little while, and I think I might finally try and act on it.  I have missed the classroom a bit recently, but not so much the physical space and grading and all that.  … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Zombies

This was intended to be a comment on Bryan Alexander’s awesome post yesterday “Zombies Invade the Mainstream, Please Remain Calm.” Reading Bryan as he works through the cultural meanings of the undead is something I have been doing for years, … Continue reading

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