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Bavatumblr Archived and Retired

I had a 3 year run on Tumblr. It lasted between July 2012 and August 2015. I loved Tumblr for the GIFs, the film screenshots, and the digital art more generally. I could and did spend hours just scrolling through … Continue reading

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Organizational Linkrot

I’ve been going through the paces of trying to keep the bava in relatively good shape, and one of the things I forgot was a few random audio and video files that were outside the standard WPMS blogs.dir upload folder. … Continue reading

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Archiving Faculty Academy

I mentioned in this post last month that the Faculty Academy sites were down. I discussed this with Martha and realized all the Faculty Academy sites had been created as an independent network within UMW Blogs, and given the plugin … Continue reading

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Hardcore Show Flyers

The other day at Reclaim Hosting we were having some issues with the Devo server. Load was high and while investigating it I happened to see traffic to the domain through Apache status. I was intrigued, so rather than fixing the … Continue reading

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What Was Known

I have been working away at some of my end of the year archiving projects, and one that has been taking more time then I planned has been my various attempts to migrate and archive Known to WordPress. I started … Continue reading

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Archiving OpenVA

I finally got around to converting some dormant WordPress sites to straight-up HTML. This was inspired by similar efforts by folks like Adam Croom and Keegan Long-Wheeler who put their sites on a web diet of sorts.  I decided to … Continue reading

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Digital Debt, Personal Online Sustainability, and an Archive of One’s Own

This has been a pretty amazing year for travel for me, but not so amazing in terms of blogging all that travel. Alan Levine wrote about that “sad position of back blogging” during his current trip to Australia, and then … Continue reading

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Securing Planet Miles

It’s been a rainy weekend here in Trento, and the Fall weather is consolidating on this mountain enclave. I spent some time yesterday cuddled up on the couch with my laptop making a plans for securing sites. The larger plan … Continue reading

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Dying on the Vine

When I was cruising around the web early this morning I saw an announcement that Vine was finally shutting down and January 17th (a.k.a. yesterday) is the last day to download your videos. I was a bit bummed because I created about 30 Vines … Continue reading

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Get SiteSucker, Sucker

I had followed with great interest the discussion on the Reclaim Hosting Community site about archiving a dynamic, database driven site as static HTML files.  I share Alan Levine’s passion for trying to archive as much of the work I’ve done … Continue reading

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